Who Benefits from SEO?

what is seo

The answer is simple: Everyone who owns a web page. After all you did not build a web site so no one can see it or visit it, correct.The fact is you can offer the best products and have the best looking website in the world. However, if people can not find it, you are doomed. 

The same goes is you have a brick and mortar business. If no one knows it exists you will fail.This is why search engine optimization is the lifeblood of your website and a must in order to get traffic. The surfer is coming from Google, Yahoo or Bing. Since most visitors to search engines rarely go beyond page one or two, you need Page1SEO for your Biz and you must be on Page number 1.

OTHER Benefits OF Search Engine Optimization

1. Brand Credibility. The fact is people trust Google. Finding your link on Google and on Page 1 legitimizes your business.

2. Search Engine Optimization is Cost effective compared to Adwords and PPC.

3. An Increase in traffic is almost instant once your “search terms” take root.
This will in turn maximize your business end result, products and services.

4. Your competition is doing SEO.  You do have competitors and yes they are using SEO. What does this mean to you. If you’re not on Page 1 chances are they will be and will they will attempt to rank high on Google. This means all that click thru traffic will go to them.

Even if your site looks better, sells better products and at better prices, it will not matter because they can not find your website.

5. Unlike PPC or other means of advertising SEO results are almost instant and are permanent. For smaller sites little upkeep is required to maintain that Page 1 listing once you are there.

6. As of April, 2014 there were 644,275,754 active websites, to be precise. Finding any website not utilizing SEO techniques is a sure fire way to fail.

Get your Business on Page #1 today.

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